Taxes are hard.

Roland, Fry & Warren makes them easy.

Whether you’re a startup, have been doing business for decades, are an individual taxpayer, or have a growing family, partnering with Roland, Fry & Warren is the easiest way to plan for and prepare your taxes.

We take the complexity out of the tax system. We have the experience and industry expertise to ensure you’re minimizing your tax liability as much as possible. We’ve been serving a wide range of individuals, families, and industries for over 31 years: from college grads to retirees and from oil & gas company’s to healthcare, real estate, construction, restaurants and many more. There simply isn’t much we haven’t seen.

We want to get to know you, your family or your business so we can create a strategy to help save your hard earned money. Through building this close relationship, we’ll make sure your tax experience is fast, easy and affordable so you can focus on your career, raising your family, or growing your business rather than shuffling paperwork.

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Roland, Fry & Warren CPA’s will work closely with you on your tax strategy:

Tax Planning

We’ll work closely with you to plan your taxes this year and years to come.

Never Miss a Deduction

We’ve seen nearly every circumstance imaginable, so you can be sure you’ll never miss out on tax savings.

Defer Income

Save your money now by putting off your tax payments until later.

Minimize Estate Taxes

Be forward thinking so your family is taken care in your future no matter what.

Limit Your Retirement Distribution Tax

Make the most of your retirement by ensuring your money goes where you choose.

Shift Your Income to Minimize Tax

Shift your income from one year to another so that your are in the lowest tax paying position.

Defer Tax Liabilities

You can defer tax liabilities by taking advantage of your pension plan, contributions, and investments.

Tax Preparation

A CPA will prepare your return, so you know your taxes are done right.

Grow and Preserve Assets

We find creative ways to ensure your assets are positioned in a way that reduces your tax liability.

Minimize Income Taxes

You work hard for your money, so make sure you keep the absolute most that you can.

Create Additional Deductions

Our CPA’s are skilled in making sure you capitalize on new deduction opportunities.

Reduce Gift Taxes

Allow yourself to give more by lowering the amount you pay on gifts to friends or family.

Split Your Income to Minimize Tax

We can split your income among your family or new legal entities to put you in a lower tax bracket.

Take Advantage of Tax Exempt Income

Take advantage of investment vehicles that make you exempt from taxation.

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